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Final Audio E500 – REVIEW

by yalcin uven

This time we are reviewing Final Audio’s newest and cheapest earphone in E series: Final Audio E500. Sincere thanks to Final Audio for sending this review unit.

Final Audio focuses on Price/Performance ratio with this Final E series and brings cables with built-in microphone lately, now Final Audio take all of their experiences with very proud E1000, take it to next level and they put them into 6,4mm diameter case with better binaural sounding.
In the meantime this VR and gaming earphone’s review is now begins! (Gaming experiences will be added soon.)

Box, Build Quality, Cable, Microphonics

Box is familiar with other E series but this one is simpler, tiny and without product image on front. In my opinion this is not chorent with Final Audio e line but considering E500 as an experimental product, this is reasonable.

Inside the box: E500, Final E Tips in varied sizes and booklet; just essential and sufficient things. Cable is with so-so thickness, not detachable, smooth, black and far from pretension like other E products. Also cable have L shaped plug, big plastic Y split and tiny chin slider. Since the cable is prone to cause microphonics it’s nice to have these.

  • Drivers: 6.4 mmm small-aperture dynamic drivers
  • Housing material: ABS
  • Cable: Oxygen-free copper cable (clack)
  • Sensitivity: 98 db/mW
  • Impedance: 16 ohms
  • Weight: 0.5 oz (15 g)
  • Cable Length: 3.9 ft (1.2 m) 

Final Audio E500 – Sound

Sound is airy like open back headphones and neutral unlike many open back headphones. It also have a wide stage. Good at details and layering. With wide and neutral stage you listen to music in a laid back listening experience. I would rate Instrument Separation 8/10 and to Attack 6/10 because E500 places you little away from stage. The thunder feeling is missing when the all instruments start roaring in frenzy. In the other hand, most of the presentation is in the solid musicality. It’s hard to hear this kind of sound separation in this price range.

Bass, Mid, Treble

It’s hard to say anything in bass range just like other ranges because since it’s neutral sounding, does bond to what are you listening to. Therefore with this high bass control you won’t hear unexpected bass frequencies. But in bass oriented tracks, sounds balanced like BA while fades neutral.

Midrange is where E500 shines. You can imagine entering the orchestra’s room while eyes closed. 60 years ago Johnny Hodges and Billy Strayhorn performed that every instrument located place in your ear, instrument’s material is noticeable and have decent extension in treble.
While my eyes closed Ayeon’s Progressive Metal Classic Day Eleven: Love (Album: The Human Equation (VA)) named track gave me shivers. Everything’s attentive, emotional, orchestral order is clear, clarity is high, Stage is wide and deep.

In Treble-range as i said above: extension is good and it sounds very full compared to Xiaomi Hybrid Pro. Thanks to upper mids and treble region for this. E500’s treble is lifelike and balanced. Because of that Jazz and Classic Music sounds really good on this earphone.

Final Audio E500 – Conclusion

With Final Audio E500 whatever you listen it will give you lively experience in every genre. Balanced sounding and neutral shape with $20 tag, E500 is an all-rounder miracle.

The tracks in this article listened without amplification which is a big 👍

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