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Mangird Tea Review

by Mahir Efe Falay

Mangird Tea and its review here for your eyes. Following review will be done in V30 + TRI TK-2 (plenty of power and neutral source) + blue bored eartips.
Its specs are impressive. But let’s see if it actually is.




Mid orientation

Bass strength


Needs tip and / or rolling to suit more tastes

Box contents are poor

Box and Box Contents, Mangird Tea and the Cable

Box is annoyingly simple. Carrying box too.  Tea is large in size 3d printed resin and gold flaked back plated black iem.  7 drivers per side. Very rich regarding it’s driver pack. See the specs below.
Its cable is 8 cored silver plated. Pretty strong.

  • Enclosure: German Egger Resin.
  • Drivers: Hybrid Driver, 6BA+1DD.
  • Driver Configurations: 2 Knowles RAD-33518 (treble) + 4 Sonion 2600 (midrange) + 1 German Bio-titanium dynamic driver (bass) / side.
  • Impedance: 18Ohm.
  • Sensitivity: 112+-2 dB/mW.
  • Frequency Response Range: 20-20KHz.


Timbre is neutral and slightly dark. Presentation is forward and mid centric. You can tell that nothing is quiet just by looking at the frequency graph. Notal weight is heavy.  Soundstage is above average but pretty large at live recordings and just like where the track is recorded. Layering is above average but not insane or monitor-like like the NM2 I had reviewed recently. Basses are explosive and energetic fast at dubstep but strong enough at other genres – when the record demands.. Vibrating after the bassdrop of dubstep  But only present when drum began at (for eg.) Hotel California. I love neutrality at earphones. Mid and other technical details are at top notch. The Vocals are so detailed and textured. And allowing you to focus on the vocalist at live recordings if the stage is somewhat quiet. Tonality is pretty good and realistic. And this partly neutrality is all along the mid range . Treble is always near you. This energeticness is reminding me of Legacy 4. Thus do not expect another HM here by looking to its driver count. But it is passing the realism check. Treble extension is pretty good.

Edit: Switched to the standard black tips that came in its box. Result is still almost the same but transparency got better and the thunderous explosive sound experience is gentle by a notch or two. Bass is lowered in punch and dominance.Mids found space to breathe by these tips. However, still faithful to the record mix so you are not getting an over intimate pianist David Lanz even after amping it like a rocket by TK-2

Amping Mangird Tea

I didn’t have the chance to test it besides connecting to TRI TK-2 which is a dac/amp so count above as amped results. But will switch its strong looking cable to another strong (multiple cored) cable just to see it single ended. I mean nearly %100 original and without the 4.4 inputs higher than the average power.

Used i3 pro’s stock cable (it had passed my 6N Pure Copper cable sub test) and I guess it is in %100 original sound now.

Bass had less volume and looked like it gained speed. Now the contrabass is well defined and less thumpy. Sub bass is present. Mids along with treble evolved into HM level. Transparency improved. Thus now ideal for the 80’s. Treble has one of the best extensions and tonality now.

Cabling Mangird Tea

6N Pure Copper cable is used as always. I am against fancy named and looking cables.
And now we have the most realistic and 3d sound performance off V30 and Mangird Tea. I am near the border of the stage now. Transparency is pretty high, and basses are strong when needed. Mid is the star of the show again. But I know I’ll get tired in a 96 instrument live performance. So I started Ben Harper’s gospel and Duran Duran.  Sound of Harper is with me now. And the older black man is one step behind him while the younger man choir and their percussions and is placed in where they needed to stand. Duran duo is displaying a 80’s performance with the constant work of synth behind. Treble is not that HMlike now. I am hearing early roll offs. And slightly lifeless yet plenty in quality cymbals.

Mangird Tea Review Conclusion

And we reached the ending of a musical journey in courtesy of Mangird Tea. Tea with its 7 drivers (6BA and 1DD) was full of energy and clarity when eartip rolled. Even though the stock box is disappointingly empty, doing a $300 worth of job if you are fond of energy and forward presentation.

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