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Tin Hifi t2 Evo Review

by Mahir Efe Falay

Now coming the Tin Hifi t2 Evo review. The unit, cable and all the connectors are in metal. Aluminium in fact. This is giving it an industrial look since t2 of 2015. I’d like to thank Keephifi for the sample. Review will be unbiased as always and comprehensive as possible.

First sound impressions of Tin Hifi t2 Evo and Pros / Cons


Timbre is between cold and slightly warm. Hard to like unless you are used to this timbre category. Presentation is forward to a level of “singing to you” and the bass is bold with strength. Not so wide scene due to the band playing near you. Bass is not bleeding in. But I can actually “feel” it even in indie rock. While it is a seller feature for many, a nay from me, a natural and neutral lover. I am happy that they have released Tin Hifi t3 plus. Kinda remedy ;). Ps: Zimmer’s Live in Prague is not unlistenable and not completely tonally wrong. So it might be because of the record of that particular song. But even if it was because of that, I hear heavy hitting basses here.

Mids and treble are high in resolution and body. Instrument separation is okay. Vocal is placed near you. Treble is rich in details but no HM here..

So as a short conclusion of my short first impressions; T2 Evo is a nice addition to your iem collection if you have no problems with MMCX and energetic iems.



Strong and thumpy basses. You can hear what a bass thump is with T2 Evo

Basses never overlap and create thumps even at metal ordinary quality recording.

High clarity especially at vocals

Pretty easy and straightforward design



Not so good layering

Microdetails are weak

Energetic nature (quite subjective. If I don’t like it, it’s doesn’t mean an absolute negative)


Poor box contents


Box and Contents – Tin Hifi t2 Evo – The Cable

Box is an usual tin hifi Box. Nothing special here. Contents are the usual ones like different sized eartips, cable and handbook. This is slightly disappointing.

T2 Evo is the last iem before T3 Plus. And design wise Tin Hifi is re showing itself. They aren’t showing authenticity. But besides authenticity, we must accept the Tin with its house design. The latest iem t3 plus reviewed here is a move outside their “safe waters”. 

Cable is a usual very tightly braided but thin looking iem cable with MMCX ending. All features besides chin guard pebble covered in metal such as the Y split and the original connector. And the cable’s looks is completing Tin Hifi’s durable image.

  • Drivers: 1 x 10mm carbon molecule composite diaphragm.
  • Impedance (Ohm): 32 Ω
  • Sensitivity (dB): 93 dB/mW.
  • Frequency Response (Hz): 10 Hz – 20 KHz.
  • Removable Cable: Y.
  • Cable: 30/0.05 oxygen free copper + 200D Kevlar, outer cover made of 4C twisted transparent white/purple/green PVC wire.




Bass isn’t bleeding into other frequencies. And while the tonality isn’t great and lower notes of the piano can’t give a vibration of some sort, T2 Evo with its energetic sound is doing okay generally. But it’s big time is coming when you open a particularly bassy track. Even though t2 Evo is not adding up a huge load of bass, it is very funny with Kraftwerk – Radioaktivaat. Or at my dubstep reference track Mercy feat the Arcturians I can feel the bass slamming after the bass drop genre + Mercy’s whispers beneath them. When it comes to organic basses and notal weight, see The Final Victory of the Haggard. Even though the vocal clarity is lacking, contrabass at the very beginning of the track has some weight. But that bass is meant to be above the line thus the sub bass is weak. But not boomy or leaking into other frequencies. And not a perfect companion for electro bass sessions.

Mids are a winning feature of t2 evo. The sound is organic and energetic. Tonality is good enough for most tracks. But when the bpm (beat per minute) is at a machine gun rate, the crazy chaotic atmosphere by the rapid slamming of the drum and two electro guitars are not good for tonality. Forget monitoring. And switch to well mastered and recorded live music of Hans Zimmer. T2 Evo is strong at handling moderate speeds even though there are lots of instruments playing at the same time.

Treble is generous while being slightly metallic. Even though not like the legendary HM (Heart Mirror), T2 Evo has a thing or two to say. First is its tonality. Second is its effect on the timbre and third is the speed factor. As clearly seen at Angel of Death by Slayer, cymbals and snares etc can be pretty low resolution or unlike the other chifi experiences before. This is not good for the legacy of Tin Hifi.


Tin Hifi t2 Evo Review Conclusions

Pretty strong and durable looking with all the design elements of t line of Tin Hifi. If you are coming from bass light or bass impaired iems, its bass can shake your world. But the reverse will display you a bass favoring workhorse that is showing its tired body. If you want to buy, here is the non affiliated link: https://keephifi.com/products/tinhifi-t2-evo?_pos=2&_sid=07f8bc15f&_ss=r

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