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TRN VX Pro Review

A good and slightly aged V frequency curved metallic build sub $100 iem. I think V lovers should taste it.

by Mahir Efe Falay

TRN VX Pro Review – Everyday Beast

This is the sub $100 offering of the brand which released Dyunamic MT1 and still valid and kicking BA5. Very favored among V frequence curve lovers. But let’s see it in detail.


Punchy bass that doesn’t bleed extensively

Fun is high at hip hop or other bass using genres.

Tonality is very nice

No congestion when all instruments begin at metal


Vocals can be lightweight and dark

Extensions doesn’t reach far

Treble isn’t solid if I take HM as reference.

Box, Box Contents, TRN Vx Pro, Cable

VX Pro is a metal bodied and 2 pinned (QDC) chifi iem. air hole looks like neglected. There ls 1 and it looks like the result of touch of a pin. Nozzle is just the nozzle you see everyday.

It’s cable is so Kzlike. But a somehow thick braided silver plated line with combined usage of transparent plastic and frosted looking (probably aluminium) metal.

TRN VX Pro is completely built in metal though its lightweight. Magnesium probably

  • Product name. TRN VX Pro.
  • Wear. Ear hook.
  • Transducer type. Hybrid In-Ear Monitors.
  • Frequency response. 7Hz-40000Hz.
  • Impedance. 22Ω
  • Sensitivity. 106dB.
  • Jack type. 3.5mm.
  • Connector type. 2Pin.


Dark to a dot of bright timbre with a typical V sound that is at 75/100 clarity. Body is more than okay. Layering is at okay level. I can hardly hear the keyboard at 2nd line at the stage.. Stage is narrow, but not actually boxed in – claustrophobic. Tonality is above average. So are transitions. But extensions are rolled off early. Vocals are slightly faded but quality and vocal layering are high. Sibilance is though not very disturbing,  present at my sibilance test track. And finally, A) it’s behaviour when cranking the volume up is not that odd and disturbing. B) it’s driver is not that fast 

Bass is thumpy, somewhat strong and capable of descending down to an extent. Bleed is minor and mid bass is rumbling beneath. But this has a downside combined with it’s not quite high clarity and seperation. 

Mid showing obvious signs of typical V frequency curve. But thank TRN, not V like the old days of KZ. Crispy in fact. Even though the clarity factor is preventing, I can hear the notal changes by 70/100.

Treble is only nice if I take Heart Mirror as the reference for this price segment. Crispy at treble too. Quantity + quality is around the average and not disturbing at all. But a little more treble wouldn’t hurt at all.

Amping Vx Pro

I used Audirect Atom2 dongle and while the V nature hadn’t changed; sibilance is certainly lower, bass is more powerful, treble is slightly more pronounced, soundstage is larger and overally smoother even though descending down is still at bass only. Not exactly a linear playback but dynamics are surely suffering.

Cabling Vx Pro

First observable change is at the sound level. Second is dynamics. Timbre evolved into something brighter, bass levels diminished. Presentation became closer and the stage wider. Nearly immersive now. Extensions and layering got better by a notch too.

TRN VX Pro Review Conclusions

One of the strong built budget chifi iems around, reaching its maturity when amped and / or recabled. Sadly not fantastic even at the best possible setups. But I recommend it to anybody who is looking for an alternative to it’s everyday budget iem. Will surely make up it’s price. V sound lovers shall found their match.

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